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Why Join Crate Connect?

Crate Connect is trusted by professional DJs worldwide.
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Hi-Res Audio

WAV files for DJs seeking exceptional audio quality.

Genre Selection

Explore over 80 genres and sub-genres.


Discover exclusive tracks, intros, edits, and remixes.

New Releases

Receive the latest releases and explore emerging artists.

Why Join
Crate Connect?

Crate Connect is trusted by professional DJs worldwide.

Global Partners


Own Your Style

Music Pool

Keep up with the latest trends and discover new music with our digital music pool. Easily download the most recent hits, available in clean and dirty versions, with our batch download feature.


Handpicked playlists showcasing the latest hits alongside exclusive mashups, remixes, edits, re-drums, and transitions crafted by our team of professional DJs.


Discover the latest trends across all music genres and easily download all trending tracks within a specific genre with just one click.


Stay updated on the global music scene with our Top 30 monthly charts, showcasing the most popular songs worldwide. Easily download the past monthly charts with just one click.

Crate Connect GO™

Access the record pool on any mobile device and conveniently download your crates while on the move. Batch download links are sent to your email for easy download on your laptop.

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These guys are an ‘all-in-one’ DJ pool, which simply means they cater to all kinds of DJs: mobile, club, radio, etc.
- The DJ Revolution
This DJ pool is packed full of wonderful sounds to explore, and new music appears daily to ensure that you stay ahead of the latest trends.
- DJ Tech Reviews

"I have been using Crate Connect for a while now. It is a great record pool and covers all genres that I need"
- DJ Carlo

Crate Connect is a high-quality record pool that offers DJs great value in exchange for a monthly subscription
- Audio Captain

Frequently Asked Questions

Crate Connect is a promotional music subscription service for professional DJs, granting them access to the latest promotional music from record labels and distribution outlets.

We enable professional DJs to download high-quality, appropriately tagged promotional music, ensuring the success of their upcoming events.

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Subscription Plans are as low as $16.50/Month.